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“And then [Jesus] told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.’ ”  – Mark 16:15 (NLT)

Click below to hear messages rooted in God’s Word and filled with His guidance and encouragement for your life:

“When You Fast” – Pastor Myers (1/19/20)

“Love Your Neighbor” – Pastor Myers (12/8/19)

“God’s Word Stands Forever” – Pastor Myers (12/1/19)

“Be Present with People” – Pastor Myers (10/27/19)

Take the High Road” – Pastor Myers (10/20/19)

“Serve from the Heart” – Pastor Myers (10/6/19)

“You Are Your Brother’s Keeper” – Pastor Myers (9/29/19)

“Acceptable Living” – Pastor Myers (9/8/19)

“Exalted” – Pastor Myers (9/1/19)

“Rescued” – Min. Kinetta Anderson (8/4/19)

“Ordinary Just Won’t Do” – Rev. Jonathan Anderson  (7/7/19)

“Make Your Batter Better” – Pastor Myers (6/30/19)

“Everything You Need” – Pastor Myers (6/23/19)

“Open Door Policy” – Min. Kinetta Anderson (6/16/19)

“High-minded” – Pastor Myers (6/9/19)

“Remember Who You Are” – Rev. Jonathan M. Anderson (3/31/19)

“According to His Word” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (3/17/19)

“Are You Committed to God’s Word?” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (3/10/19)

“Stand Firm” – Min. Kinetta Anderson (3/3/19)

“Stand on God’s Promises” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (2/17/19)

“Love” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (2/10/19)

“Staying Pure in a Broken World” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (2/3/19)

“Forever Blessed” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (1/20/19)

“Word” – Guest Speaker Rev. Gyasi Patterson (1/13/19)

“Live By the Word of God” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (1/6/19)

“Know Who You Are” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (10/21/18)

“Jesus is For Everyone” – Rev. Jonathan M. Anderson (10/14/18)

“God’s Love in Us” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (10/7/18)

“Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin” – Rev. Jonathan M. Anderson (9/30/18) @ Bazzel Creek Missionary Baptist Church

“Make Preparation”  – Min. Kinetta M. Anderson (9/23/18)

“Pray for a Spirit of Boldness” – Pastor Gail I. Myers (9/9/18)

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