Minister of Christian Education

Reverend Jonathan M. Anderson, Sr.

Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Miguel Anderson, Sr., is a disciple of Jesus Christ. As a follower of the Lord, Jonathan serves his wife of 10 years, Kinetta, and their two children, Miguel and Sarah. He also serves the Lord as Minister of Christian Education at Showers of Blessing Community Church (SBCC) under the leadership of the church’s senior pastor, Rev. Gail I. Myers.

A native of Houston, Texas, Jonathan received his call to Christian Ministry in December 1998 and has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ since January 1999.  In September of 2009, he received his ordination into Christian Ministry at Showers of Blessing Community Church.  Jonathan has served the Lord in various capacities through his ministry at Longview United Methodist Church (Raleigh, NC), Lakewood United Methodist Church (Durham, NC), and Showers of Blessing Community Church (Clayton, NC).  Some of his ministry responsibilities have included: Bible Study Teacher, Prayer Ministry Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Evangelism Ministry Leader, Youth Ministry Team Member, Praise Team Member, and Keyboardist.

Jonathan has earned a Bachelor of Arts from Morehouse College, a Master of Education from UNC-Greensboro, a Master of Divinity from Duke University, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from East Carolina University.  He works as a social studies teacher in the Cumberland County school district.

Jonathan’s plan for the future is simply to bear, in word and deed, a faithful witness to the love and victory of Jesus Christ displayed in His death and resurrection. In his ministry to Jesus and His world, Jonathan desires that God will receive all of the glory.